Performance Quiz1

Thought I would put a few quiz questions together for performance engineers. Some of the questions are related to tools such as WireShark and Oracle AWR while the rest are generic!

You are monitoring a single threaded executable process on a 4 core computer, the process is running a highly computational task that does not access disk and assuming there is no memory pressure. What CPU utilization be reported?
On VMWare what is the first thing it does to gain more more memory?


Below is an extract from an Oracle AWR report, What was the CPU utilization?

Host Name Platform CPUs Cores Sockets Memory(GB)
---------------- -------------------------------- ---- ----- ------- ----------
xxxxxxxxxx.local Linux x86 64-bit 2 2 1 7.80

Snap Id Snap Time Sessions Curs/Sess
--------- ------------------- -------- ---------
Begin Snap: 77 05-Dec-17 09:50:00 112 3.2
End Snap: 78 05-Dec-17 10:00:00 112 4.5
Elapsed: 10.00 (mins)
DB Time: 0.39 (mins)

Which of these systems are potentially suffering CPU saturation with a CPU queue length of 8.

Tarpitting is the name given to purposely delaying incoming connections to a process/server, what would be a valid reason for using this.
In wireshark what filter would you use to get all HTTP page requests talking more than 2 seconds

You are asked to provide the 95% percentile response time measurement for transaction X, how is that calculated

HTTP/2 is the new HTTP standard, what performance improvement does it offer

For a column in a database table what is cardinality a measure of?
There are 15 concurrent users on the system with an average time in the system of 10 seconds. 
What is the order for messages exchanged in a TCP connection request?
Here is a graph of Throughput against workload. Would response time of the system be greater at point Y compared to X.

APDEX has a T value if 4 seconds what response time are users receiving a frustrated response time?
For linux IOSTAT command the await column provides:
You are monitoring a 3 threaded executable process on a 4 core computer on windows, each thread is able to consume as much CPU available. What would the perfmon report for the %Processor Time for the Process (not the processor) report

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