Scap – Screen Capture

This is quite a simple tool which  that when called with a file name takes a screen dump of the current screen and saves it to a JPG file. I needed this when I wanted to capture an errors that occured from a Rational Robot script. There is an optional switch –t which if present appends the data and time onto the filename. e.g.

scap.exe -t c:\my documents\homepage

The above command would create a jpg file called homepage-DD-MM-YY–HH-MM-SS in the c:\my document directory where DD-MM-YY is the data and HH-MM-SS is the time. The file name can include spaces.

You have a choice of 3 executables that offer different screen quality. The higher the quality the longer it takes to execute and larger the file size of the capture image.

At 100% quality an example screen was over 600K bytes. Click here to download.

At 50% quality an example screen was about 170Kbytes. Click here to download.

At 10% quality a example screen was about 75Kbtes and was just about read able. Click here to download.

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