Tikker – The Performance Engineers StopWatch

Tikker has been designed to enable more accurate measurement of the response times of your computer applications.

The problem with existing on-screen stopwatches is that you have to click separately to start the stopwatch and the application and, when the action finishes you have to click the stopwatch stop button to record the final time. Once the Tikker is put into listening mode it will detect when an application is invoked and will automatically start the stopwatch. You still must stop the stopwatch manually when you see the application completed and Tikker records the elapsed time.

Tikker Performance StopWatch

Tikker Performance StopWatch

Tikker can be configured to start and stop on different events – mouse click, double-click, return keypress or any keypress.It can also store the results in a text file.

Click Here to download.  If it is not already installed you will need v2 of the .NET Framework which can be download from Microsoft Here.

Please send me a comment if you have any questions.

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